Team Caffeine Group Report

Communication Mediums and Effectiveness

After reviewing the many web applications investigated during assignment one, we decided initially on Wiggio as our primary communication channel. After failing to meet up via Wiggio on the 30th of June due to technical difficulties, the discussion board was used to decide on a time and a medium that the whole group could come together on. A time of 7:30pm Tuesday of each week was decided and we agreed to trial Skype for a live group chat. The Skype meetings proved hugely successful, becoming a weekly event for the group, with almost 100% attendance each time. These sessions proved very successful and greatly assisted in building rapport and trust within the Group. Proudly, all our conversations adhered to the ‘netiquette’ guidelines and all members treated each other with respect.

Task Delegation and Scheduling

The assignment of various tasks and the setting of milestones was something which the group agreed must be dealt with at an early stage of the project. After a notable amount of time was wasted due to the reliability and compatibility issues with our initial communication medium, it was crucial that tasks were set and deadlines for various aspects of the assignment. The distribution and assignment of various tasks occurred through Skype meetings, but also Wiggio and Discussion Board communications.

Tasks were allocated based on individual team members’ interest or were simply picked up by members knowing they needed to be incorporated into the assignment. Team members simply nominated the topic(s) they would complete and their name was placed beside that topic to signify ownership. Each team member was then responsible for researching and updating their relevant sections. Additionally, all team members assisted with the review of each other’s work, agreeing to add and amend content if required. For example, some team members expressed their concerns regarding grammar and spelling, therefore others holding strong skills in those aspects agreed to review and amend their work.

Roles and responsibilities

In the early stages of the project and through the use of the discussion board, Judy Grant nominated that Zoe Bogner be the Team Leader for Assignment 2. Zoe accepted the position and has done an admirable job in the position through the entirety of the project. Zoe saw to the administration and development of the project as a whole across all the mediums used by the group. This included but is not limited to:

  • The use of various content delivery systems offered by Wiggio for the benefit of the group.
  • Creation and management of the Skype group.
  • Regular and consistent communication with Kate as required by her role as Team Liaison.
  • The creation and delegation of access permissions of many of the groups wiki pages.

Individual group members were responsible for the creation of content via addressing the question provided in the assignment in relation to both our chosen business, and their delegated e-commerce business model.

Individual group members were responsible for the development of the group journal.

Angela Cuff volunteered for, and was given the job of integrating synchronizing our individual pieces and adding a theme and some media-rich content to the project.

Setbacks and Communication Breakdowns

After the assignment 1 reviews were assessed by each of the team members, the group decided via the discussion board that Wiggio would be used as our primary collaboration tool. The group used the product extensively for day-to-day communication and file sharing. However, towards the end of June it was decided to meet up in a live chat environment which Wiggio provided in order to more efficiently sort out different aspects of the project. At that point, the group found Wiggio's reliability lacking in places, which was then further exasperated by extended downtime during this critical stage in our assignment planning.

Level of Collaboration

Team Caffeine displayed a high level of collaboration through maintaining constant communication between team members to ensure the delegation and completion of all project-related tasks. Initial team meetings saw the delegation of various business models to each member for their individual piece. The pieces were then made available to other members to recommend improvements or additions. The final pieces were then merged and synthesized to create the final product.

Group Cohesion

Throughout the entire project, from establishment of the group to completion, the Team Caffeine members have projected a high level of professionalism and dedication towards the project, while maintaining highly positive interpersonal relationships. All decisions were proposed, discussed, voted, and decided on with a reputable level of sophistication by all members. All discussions or concerns that were raised within the group were always approached with the purpose of quick resolution opposed to conflict.

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