Group Journal

Group journal

1 July 2012

Peta Edwards:
I'm not sure who wrote the below entry but I tend to agree, getting together online as a group is proving quite challenging! Working full time I am finding it very difficult to be able to connect with team members at the same time, and actually feel disconnected more than ever and letting them down. Moreover, the sites we are using for this subject being blocked by my work adds more fuel to my fire of frustration. I'm sure everyone is trying to do the best they can, with the time they have. While I appreciate the objectives of this course, the reason I decided to study via OUA was the flexibility of it fitting in with my time and life. This structure of this subject contradicts that for me. However once tasks are assigned I have no doubt things will only get better.

The whole concept of a group project seems to be harder when taking place online. On campus face to face group projects seem a lot easier. Online collaboration is throwing up such challenges as different time zones and what time zone our computer or web based applications are using. Additionally our group seems fragmented across four different places: Curtain Blackboard (which while we don't use for this we still have to use for other stuff), Wikidot course home, Wikidot assignment home and Wiggio for communication stuff. Additionally not all group members have 24/7 internet access (whether it be broadband or smartphone or something else). Also I am finding I am doubling up in that I am writing stuff as if I am working on a personal essay paper while at the same time wondering what to upload and not to upload to our group project areas.

Its becoming a bit frustrating! We also need to link this Wikidot to the Course Wikidot as other teams have done. (I am bad at links - can a team member do this - thanks!). End of Steve's addition

//So, I'm not sure of the purpose for the journal but I am going to add some quick notes I made from one of the reading. Please let me know if this is not correct and they should be going elsewhere. I agree Steve, this is becoming a little confusing with all the different ways to communicate.

Also, is there a way that we can get an update on editing this journal or do I have to keep coming back to this page to check.//

28 June 2012

Susan Appleton - Notes from reading - The Attention Economy vs The Wallet Economy

Why do so many web startups take this approach?  I think it’s for two primary reasons:  1) it’s easier and 2) it’s more fun.  To understand this better, let’s contrast the attention economy to that other economy:  the wallet economy.  In the wallet economy, instead of competing for a share of people’s attention, you’re competing for a share of their wallet. 

Building a website or blog for the express purpose of making money, is in my humble opinion, missing the point of the Internet and WWW. Whilst making money is important, the web allows us to be creative in a way that for many isn't really viable in our offline world. I love that I can create something that can be seen by even a few people, the web inspires me to write and put forward my opinion, and the use of social media platforms the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr allow me to have an audience, no matter how big or small.

Because my computer is always on and, as a full time student who happens to be logged into Facebook all the time, I also find my attention is drawn to blogs that quite often recycle the news, rather than go to news sites, which will be charging very soon (SMH).

All your incentives were to solve the problem as well as you could for as many people as possible.  Now, contrast this with a web application that is monetizing attention.

When looking at web applications, the iPhone's applications would probably be a good example of 'monetizing attention'. I think of these applications a bit like Oprah, didn't know you had a problem or needed whatever it is, until you were told you did.

Advertising is important, but building websites for the express purpose of selling advertising just seems like a waste of good creative space. Visiting a blog that has good content and interesting articles, and also has advertising, is as enjoyable as reading a good magazine.

Shah, Dharmesh, (2009, May 8) The Attention Economy versus The Wallet Economy,


Our first group meeting was scheduled for Saturday 30 June in the afternoon on Unfortunately the Wiggio server has crashed/is crashing and I (Steve) can't get in! Will keep trying!

Steve here again. Still can't log into Wiggio. Sorry! I will go along with whatever the majority decides! Just had an idea - should we do our project as a report (i.e. not as an essay paper). An official looking report with executive summary, conclusion, cover page, contents page etc etc??

Hi Steve
It seems the server has been down for some time at Wiggio. I really like the idea of a report, as I think I have mentioned, I hate essays and would feel like I could maybe contribute much more to a report, but happy to go with the majority.



Steve here. Sorry I missed the Skype gathering. I have read the transcription of the meeting. Thanks Zoe for putting that up! I am happy to do merchant. Do we have to cover the other ones on the list? Not sure if I can get Skype on my computer but will try for next meeting on Tuesday evening. Can I interact on Skype via text or do I need a microphone and video camera?


Steve here. Skype went bonkers when I first tried to log on for the July 10 meeting. After doing a system restore on my PC I was able to get in and follow the second half of the group chat. The group agreed to work on the assignment/project/report at this current wikidot location. Once it is finished we may decide to copy it onto a blog and link it up. We agreed to try and add stuff to this Group Journal as we go along - rather than have to write 750 words on the last day! Steve ends.


Team Caffeine
Minutes of Skype Meeting 3 July 2012

Zoe Bugner, Angela Cuff, Susan Appleton, Peta Edwards, Steve Vincent, Abraham Fern, Nicole Doube, Laura Mayer

Absent: Romy

• Suggested another meeting be called before Assignment 1 due date along with the regular Tuesdays.

• Discussed cancelled meeting on Friday night because of Wiggio blackout due to bad weather knocking out servers.

• Suggested platforms to be used for presentation of Assignment 2:
• Wiki

• Zoe asked if everybody was able to edit Team Caffeine wiki and the general consensus was that everybody was managing ok.

• It was decided to distribute the different parts of the assignment to each person.

• It was confirmed that we would be using Ebay as our business model.

• Discussed drafts being ready to be shared and edited as soon as possible. Date chosen was 16 July.

• Discussed word limit and were reminded that the group report discussing how we work together. Appears to be no word limit for the actual report.

• Zoe has made up a list of who is working on what section.

Internet Business Models
• Brokerage
• Advertising - Nicky
• Infomediary
• Merchant - Steve
• Manufacturer (Direct)
• Affiliate - Abraham
• Community - Susan
• Subscription - Angela
• Utility

Internet Economies
• Network economy - Romy
• Gift Economy - Peta
• Attention Economy - Zoe

• Connectivity - Laura


Team Caffeine
Minutes of Skype Meeting 10 July 2012

Zoe Bugner, Angela Cuff, Susan Appleton, Peta Edwards, Steve Vincent, Abraham Fern

Apologies: Laura Mayer

Absent: Romy, Nicole Doube

• Discussed progress on Assignment 2 and Kates feedback.

• Suggested platforms to be used for presentation of Assignment 2:
• Wiki
• Blog
• Concerns that blogs are not linear and may not be suitable
• Discussion about benefits of blogs.
• Wordpress was suggested.
• Examples of previous students blogs were linked to and discussed.
• Web-site
• Angela suggested using a website creator and Zoe offered to do extra coding if needed. It was thought that it may be more work than the assignment warrants and maybe look at blogs.

• Steve suggested we complete the text part of the assignment and then copy everything over to Wordpress when it is all completed.

• Susan and Abraham will look at Wordpress if time permits and see if it will work for Assignment 2.

• Readings
Zoe mentioned that most of the readings and other sources for the Attention Economy were quite a few years old.

• Peta Edwards offered to work on one of the business models if required.

• Susan Appleton found a video on Ebay and Communities and mentioned it for reference if needed.

• Group Journal
We were all reminded that we should participate in the Group Journal.
Everybody said they would start working on this.

• Minutes will be taken from the Skype text and put on the Group Journal

• Everybody agrees that the real time chat works best.

• Reminder that if there are any questions for Kate to please leave them Wiggio or Team Caffeine Wiki.

July 14

Peta Edwards:
The introduction of a weekly group chat via Skpe is working well. The team is pulling together quite well I think. Each member has taken accountability for their sections and willingness to assist each other in delivering a great output for Assignment 2. We havent come across any real difficulties as yet that have not been resolved during our chats. Everyone is committed to meet deadlines and no doubt as the pressure mounts to meet the final deadline extra effort will need to be out in by all of us, that I think wont be a problem. Susan, Angela, Laura and Zoe have done some great research and shared interesting videos and examples they have found online that is really helping to move our group along and focus on, something I, and no doubt other members of our group, are very thankful and grateful for.

July 15

//Laura: //
Missed the meeting on Tuesday because of volunteer commitments and was away at a conference for the rest of the week. In writing the section on "connectivity and distribution" I ended up touching on most other aspects of the assignment and wondered whether it may be better as an overview which we could set up in a wiki style to branch off to all the other sections - will see what the group thinks on Tuesday.

So far I'm finding working in a group very challenging because I'm constantly balancing on that line of not wanting to step on anyone's toes by doing too much, and worrying at the same time that I'm not doing enough. I think that by the second year of a bachelor degree studied by distance most students will have had to develop a strong sense of autonomy in order to make it this far in their studies without falling off the perch. Studying online can be a real challenge sometimes and I've gotten into routines and habits to get my assignments across the line which don't really work in a group work situation. It's a learning curve and I think under the circumstances we're all doing pretty well.

STEVE HERE I agree with what Laura says about developing autonomy. Last year I actually failed a subject due to not being able to get my head around the group project. I am very much an individual type of person. This semester instead of accepting a fail I decided to try the group project thing. It is a steep learning curve. I will try my best. At the last Skype meeting on the 17 July I volunteered to tackle the Utility business model. I will also fix up my referencing :-) STEVE ENDS


Attendances: Peta Edwards, Steve Vincent, Zoe Bogner, Abraham Fern, Laura Frot, Angela Cuff, Nicole Doube, Romy Poxleitner
Absences: Susan Appleton

  • Stuff to ask Kate about: use of Wikipedia as a reference, the use of YouTube videos
  • Delegated and culled the remaining business models.
  • Decided to stick with Wikidot for the publishing medium of Assignment 2.
  • Decided that the Wikidot layout for our Assignment 2 would have a central page that tied in and linked to our individual pages.
  • Laura Frot volunteered the use of her assignment piece as basis for the front page because it touched upon all the business models.

July 24

Angela - Thought I had better have a quick look at the Journal before our next meeting tonight. I agree that the Skype meetings are working well for us and we seem to be getting a lot sorted and straightened out before anything gets misconstrued and bad feelings occur. As far as I am aware we have not had any major problems or anyone stepping on anyone elses toes. This last week will be the telling though in seeing if everyone has done what they said they were going to do and if anyone needs an extra push.

July 24 Meeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes 24 July 2012

Present: Abraham, Angela Cuff, Laura Frot, Peta Edwards, Susan Appleton, Zoe Bogner, Steve, Nicky Doube,

  • Clarification of the Group Journal 750 word report. Was decided that we would draw on the group journal.
  • Clarified that report to assess other groups work was now not needed.
  • Everybody is happy with the content. Now work to be done on the layout.
  • Angela offered to work on the layout.
  • Many of us will be checking our referencing.
  • Steve has put up graphs to be added to the assignment.
  • Decided that the business components that we have at the moment are enough.
  • Meeting scheduled for Thursday 25 July at 7.30pm to clarify and make sure everything is ok.
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