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Hi everyone,
My post to Kate for this week:

Hi Kate,
A few questions from the team this week:

Steve would like some clarification around referencing wikipedia:
"Last semester [in either NET102 or WEB101] we studied Wikipedia and it was revealed that its accuracy is as good as the Encyclopedia Brittanica for quality of most articles. Are we sure I can't reference it?"

Regarding the use of videos from sources like YouTube, TED, etc: Can we embed videos in our assignment? Is there anything we need to know about referencing them when using them this way? Is there a limit to how much we can use (similar to the 10% quoting rule)?

There has been some discussion and confusion about what you meant in your 16 July update about the peer assessment component. Could you clarify whether this was a separate piece of work from the 750-word group journal?


and Kate's reply:

Hi Zoe,

1.)For Wikipedia, that is a good question. What I would recommend is using Wikipedia as a jumping off point. Wikipedia articles usually have references for most of the points in their arguments. If you want to cite one of those points, use the reference that Wikipedia cites, rather than wikipedia itself. If there is no citation for the point, then don't cite it (Wikipedia's require all facts be supported, and if they aren't they request that they be added… So even Wikipedia agrees unsupported references are dubious!)

2.) Another good question. Yes, you can use videos as long as they are referenced. Use them in the same way you would a text-based citation in a paper. Use them to support your argument, or to provide more background information, but do not use them to do the heavy lifting that you should be doing. If you include them, make sure they are integrated into your presentation — make it clear why they are included and what they do to strengthen/support your assertions. And, if you can build on the ideas within them, even better

3.) The peer assessment component is different from the journal, yes, and it is no longer being included in this unit, so don't worry about it!


Re: 23 July Check-in by Zoe_BognerZoe_Bogner, 24 Jul 2012 00:15

Hi Zoe,

can you please also claridy wth Kate about the reviewing others work report. You will see on wiggio that Abraham and I have interpreted her post differently. <> so if you could clarify for us we would be very grateful.

Re: 23 July Check-in by Peta EdwardsPeta Edwards, 19 Jul 2012 07:54

Hi Zoe!

I had nightmares last night about my Wikipedia referencing! LOL Roll eyes! Anyway we had to write an entire essay about Wikipedia for WEB101 Web Communications. I'm not going to post my entire essay but the reference I will post. It is:-

Giles, J (2005) Special report internet encyclopaedias go head to head. Viewed 23 April 2012. <>

Anyway before this essay I never used Wikipedia as a reference and I will make sure the chunk I do on Utility DOES NOT contain Wikipedia references!

Re: 23 July Check-in by Steve VincentSteve Vincent, 18 Jul 2012 07:29

Secondly, requested by Abraham:

The use of youtube videos in our assignment. Can we use them? How should we reference them? Is there a limit to how much/many we can use (eg is there something similar to the 10% rule)? What are the rules here?

Re: 23 July Check-in by Zoe_BognerZoe_Bogner, 17 Jul 2012 10:22

Please post in this thread any questions you'd like me to direct to Kate.

First one, from Steve during our 17 July Skype session:

"Last semester (in either NET102 or WEB101) we studied Wikipedia and it was revealed that its accuracy is as good as the Encyclopedia Brittanica for quality of most articles. Are we sure I can't reference it? Could Zoe ask Kate about it?"

23 July Check-in by Zoe_BognerZoe_Bogner, 17 Jul 2012 09:51

FYI, here's weekly correspondence I've just sent Kate. If anyone has anything to add to the next one, please let me know :)

Hi Kate,
Just a quick note to say the team hasn't come to me with anything to report this week. We've had two really great Skype chats in the last two weeks, with almost a full turn out each time, and have made it a weekly Tuesday night thing. During those meetings we've divided up the assignment into tasks and topics, and tomorrow we plan to start combining and editing drafts, as well as finalise our presentation format. So no dramas over here :)


16 July Check-in by Zoe_BognerZoe_Bogner, 16 Jul 2012 12:21

Hi Steve,
Our meetings are just text chat, it would just be too hard to keep track of 9 people all talking at once! Thanks for picking up the merchant topic; given our focus on eBay, we figured that was probably the most important of the options that were left. If you find you complete it quickly, or there isn't as much to talk about as we might have thought, feel free to pick up one of the other free topics from the task list.

Re: Steve is doing merchant by Zoe_BognerZoe_Bogner, 09 Jul 2012 11:19

Hi everyone,
I've just received the following email from Kate:

Here is my feedback for your outline, please share this with the rest of your team via email or through your chosen collaborative tool as soon as possible.

My goal is to help your team create something excellent for Assignment 2, so I am giving as much honest and constructive feedback as possible. In addition to my feedback here, I strongly recommend reading over the assignment description again closely, particularly around the assessment criteria — is your assignment thus far doing what is described there?

Overall, I think you are off to a great start and I am looking forward to seeing your final piece.

Your introduction is an excellent start, and although it doesn't make the link explicitly, it begins to clearly connect eBay, the concepts around internet commerce we've looked at in the unit and the answer to the question "what is the fundamental economic basis of internet commerce?" Based on that, the first thing I would encourage your team to do would be to flesh out that introduction further to make those connections. In doing that, it will be helpful for you to keep in mind how eBay, or events/occurrences related to it, explain the nature of Internet economics, and, how the concepts you've outlined connect with or can be used to analyse/explain eBay. The rest of the outline already does this pretty well, it is just a matter of thinking about how to summarize all the points and bring them together — much like a thesis statement in a conventional essay.

Totally up to you, but you may also wish to touch on Paypal, which eBay now owns. I mention it as I note it connects with the idea of connectivity and opportunity without geographical boundaries. Peter Thiel, one of the founders of Paypal created it not to make money, but because he was frustrated at how difficult it was to move money between countries.

I note you have chosen a text document with graphs/diagrams. How might this differ from a regular essay? The thing to keep in mind is that your choice in presentation format should be based on the best way to leverage the internet as a medium to present your ideas and arguments. Do you think your approach accomplishes that?

Hi everyone,

Next meeting; same time, same place:

When: Tuesday 10 July 19:30 EST (check your local time)
Where: Skype (my username is: ZoeBogner)

Hi all!

Read the transcript of the Skype meeting and am happy to do merchant. Will start working on it. Do you want me to do any of the others on the list?

I will try and get Skype on my computer for next meeting. Can it do text? I do not have a microphone or video camera.

Steve is doing merchant by Steve VincentSteve Vincent, 07 Jul 2012 06:04

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the great turn out tonight, I feel like we made a lot of progress! I've uploaded the chat transcript here:

I've created a task allocation page with our picks. We've asked for drafts to be completed by 16th July. On the 17th, one of us will gather up the content from each page and add it all to the A2 response page, where we will all work together to edit the content into a single voice.

We'll aim to have another Skype session at the same time next week - 19:30 EST 10 July.

Update: looks like we'll give Skype a go. My username is: ZoeBogner. Hope to speak to you all tomorrow night!

Hi everyone
(I'll cross-post this to the wiggio group as well, though that platform still seems to be a little shaky..)

Kate has changed the plan for the weekly check-ins. From her email today:

There has been a bit of confusion and duplication around the team checkins so I'd like to make a few suggestions to make things smoother and better facilitate communication within your team and between your team and myself.

First, remember that the idea of the check in is to give me a sense of how your entire team is doing and thus should reflect a general consensus of the team. Thus it is not necessarily the job of the team liaison to write the check in. Rather, it is simply that they handle the communication between me and the team. The check-in can either be written collaboratively, or by one person, but in either case the entire team should agree of its contents. In the rare case of disagreement, you can include the different positions/concerns.

Second, to make sure everyone is in the loop, please cc everyone on your team with the check in. I will reply to everyone on the team with my feedback or questions. However, remember only the team liaison should be directly communicating with me as I cannot handle 100 people emailing me each week:) Thus, if anyone on the team has questions about my feedback, they should route it through the liaison.

Lastly, a reminder that check ins are due each Monday. I will not be replying to late checkins, so it is up to you to take advantage of my feedback and guidance by making sure everything is in on time. Also, if I do not know what your team is up to it will be harder for me to accommodate challenges. And, even though not formally graded as such, the teams are being marked on group process and organization, of which these check ins would play a part in.

So in light of that, I thought I'd start creating weekly threads where you can pose questions and comments for me to pass on to Kate each monday. Please let me know your preferred email address if you'd like to be cc'd in, otherwise I will post the emails and replies to these threads.

9 July check-in by Zoe_BognerZoe_Bogner, 02 Jul 2012 13:05

Hi everyone,

As discussed on the net205 forum, we're going to have another crack at getting everyone together to discuss the assignment.

When: Tuesday 3 June 19:30 EST (check your local time)
Where: Skype (my username is: ZoeBogner)

We are hoping to make this a weekly thing, so please post here if you're unable to make this time.

I will post a link to the transcript here after the meeting.

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